Monday, March 10, 2008

My, How Ewe Have Changed

You know things must be bad when even the conservative FOX news analysts are writing books saying things like "the Bush Administration has systematically attacked and diminished virtually every freedom and right guaranteed by the Constitution." Ouch.
Former Judge Andrew Napolitano a strong conservative is out chastizing America for "surrendering our rights like sheep" warning that we "should be more terrified by the Bush Administration than by terrorists" in his new book "A Nation of Sheep". It seems fairly obvious that when you are in a state of fear you often put blind trust in those who are responsible for your safety. It is a natural reaction and I don't blame people for wanting and needing to trust the government and the public officials they elect. We want to be patriotic and believe in the people we select to run these things.

The sad part is when the trust is manipulated by politicians for a political end. Surrendering to the political power play is something Napolitano is urging us to resist. If we don't fight to question each attempt to curtail a constitutional freedom, no matter how seemingly innocuous, we betray the founding father's belief in America's rugged individualism and guaranteed individual freedom. No one should be patted on the head and told "trust us, this is for your own good".

So which animal suits, the fiesty American Eagle or the new American sheep?

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