Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Worthy of Self

Self worth is an interesting concept-- as if the worth of the self can be determined. How uniquely western to somehow equate worth with the personal self, as if the individual can be classified by a weight or measure and given a value like a commodity. Not surprising, seeing that everything is assigned a monetary value. Likely determined by usefulness, rarity, or value by the masses.

You have to wonder that if air, required by all living things to survive, could somehow be horded, then packaged and sold that it would be and, why not? Maybe it explains why we don’t care if we pollute the air. If I can’t possess it, or don’t have to care for it so I can sell it and make a profit then who cares about it? Everything required to live, let alone thrive has been given a value and sold for profit. Our minds have been conditioned to believe that if you cannot place a monetary value on something then it cannot be worth possessing.

We are given molds of an idealized ‘self’ which we then accept. We use it evaluate and judge someone’s worth. That in turn becomes the determinate to our self worth, through its value to others. Whether it is physical beauty, wealth, or status it is measured and judged against a mass standard. We have lost the inherent value of the individual self. You cannot fail, and if you do, then you must pick yourself up and succeed or at least try lest you be considered worthless.

There is no value in being the unique self, celebrated for the being what you are. In a world where victims of war are labeled ‘collateral damage’ and the self is ascribed monetary measure we have lost the value of compassion, not just for others, but for ourselves. When you are unable to articulate your own self worth besides the value of what you have or what others have determined for you than you have lost the only thing worthy of self.

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