Saturday, May 23, 2009

Restructuring from Within

Appearances and presentation, the value of learning and knowing, why do some things come at a struggle while others are simply inately known? How is it that life provides the function of operation for an entire universe yet the ability to provide for a population of people or support a world, and the individuals in it, confounds us?

As thinking beings with intelligence we have a creative spark which calls us to develop, design, and build some the greatest things with the assistance of technology. We make medical miracles everday through the benefit of masterful, hardworking teams who make life easier, richer, fun, and faster in multiple ways. We build great things, entertain ourselves, appreciate art and love, celebrate the unique, marvel at the magnificence of nature and yet it is as if we cannot see the the absolutes that destroy us. Who would believe an advanced society still has wars where innocent people are killed, people are murdered for trivial, inconsequential things...a lark, a few dollars, a god? How do supposed leaders, academics and even clergy legitimately justify such things? Everything starts from within and creates outward.

We are advanced enough to protect ourselves from certain natural disaster like earthquakes, spending billions to insure buildings are built correctly with plans to make people safe but haven't solved the mystery of hate, prejudice, bigotry, and deceit. It is as there is a blinder in our brain which accepts every reality as it is presented. We cease to concern ourselves with the things which would make life idylic to many, create a healthful, safe, clean environment for future generations to enjoy. We build great monuments to ourselves with technology to confound the futurists but we put off taking the necessary steps to truly bring a world together in harmony. The pie-in-the-sky ideals routinely ridiculed ultimately are the things whih can advance the world to the highest success imaginable taking us light years a head in concious advancement. We need to take the first step off a ledge to rebuild ourselves from within, something even the most advanced artificial intelligence cannot do.

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