Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Captain Gets Around

From a City Times feature from an old NY Times article regarding Louisa St., part of the Kensington section of Brooklyn , just a nod of remembrance from the personal Brooklyn family history archives...

Near the southeast corner of Green-Wood Cemetery there is a cluster of streets with unusual names: Minna St., Tehama St., Clara St., and Louisa St.. Meanwhile, in the SOMA (South of Market) neighborhood of San Francisco there is also a cluster of streets with these exact same names! Coincidence? I think not, the Brooklyn land was owned by a sea captain who named the streets for his daughters.

Mr. Benardo and Ms. Weiss: Dear Michael– great question and one we have wondered about too (we note the coincidence in our book). There is one additional street to Minna, Tehama, and Clara, and that’s Louisa street. This lovely quartet is found indeed in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood in the exact same order as they appear in Kensington, Brooklyn. We understand they represent the daughters of the developer but, alas, know no more.
---NY Times, City Life

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