Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Shift

Adapting is part of the natural world. Some adaption is changing course, the self-created movement that ends up moving you in a different direction. Another is the adjustment made for the sake of survival. This can be the result of some catastrophic event which forcibly changes your perception of what was your former reality.

That change is like a rocket, disrupting the status quo with a swiftness, forever altering the known into the sudden past. It can feel like an earthquake initially, rolling the ground beneath, shaking our sense of what is real.

We stop to survey the damage.

What has cracked, been shifted by the sudden movement and destroyed? What unknown force has rattled the accepted universe and made it different? There becomes an unlayed, carefully rebuilt foundation now adjusted slightly to reveal an instability. Sometimes the change moves gradually and without notice. Core ideas become fluid, recreating the shoreline as when a storm passes. Stopping to see what has changed, seeing the possibility with a new eye, rebuilding the foundation and moving forward, always forward

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