Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stretching It

There is no reality, only perception.

Notice how animals live in a state of awareness which keeps them uniquely present in the moment. Danger may be just around the corner, yet their reality is focused on what is happening to them right now. Curious how it is usually only those animals such as dogs or cats that live with us develop the typical human-like phobias and anxieties. In nature, when or if, a potential threat exists it is dealt with then and there...fight or flight and then be done with it. Animals intuit that we really only ever have the present. Nature invites everyone to live in the here and now. The anxiety of tomorrow doesn't exist.

Comprehension of a future date is not perceived in the animal kingdom. The freedom to enjoy the moment is always in the present. Most people live with the dread of tomorrow and the regrets of yesterday, yet fail to live in today. Evolution makes the individual sensitive to preparation for the future. We ask the questions of tomorrow to insure we will have what we think we will need to survive. But whoever is really prepared for what happens to them? What we think or dread may occur rarely ever does. What we may plan for never arrives except to exist in our minds. The things we never thought would happen do, and we deal with them at the time, prepared or not. They are either easier or harder then we thought but the actions we use to solve them in the moment somehow give us comfort.

We waste energy in the creation of phantom scenarios. How much easier to take a cue from nature and trust that we will have what it takes to deal with whatever may happen in that moment. For really, that is all we ever have because neither the past nor the future ever truly exist. They are intangibles in every sense of the word but they are responsible for much wasteful fretting, crippling anxiety and misery in the world.
Once we come to understand that we have only limited control over most events we see where we tap into the real power. It is never what happens to us, but our reaction to it that gives us the control. How we react to any given situation, in the present moment, gives us the ultimate power over any event, no matter how seemingly dire or joyful it may be. Our power to perceive an event is the one true reality because it is interpreted by us, through us, in the present. And it is just that a present, aptly named...a gift, to enjoy in the present moment, which is all we will ever have.
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