Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Since You Asked...

What was the worst thing you have eaten?

Chicken feet. A Chinese Dim Sum speciality that taste about as bad as they sound. I assume that even with knowing what chickens run around in, and the thought of those poor footless chickens, still wasn't enough to dissuade people from preparing this dish. This is one thing I can say, for sure, does NOT taste like chicken.

What is your strongest sense?

Commonsense. Does that count?

What was the wackiest belief you held as a child?

The adult neighbors next door convinced the then four-year old me that you could see leprechauns jumping from tree-to-tree in their back yard and I believed them. Some may see that as naive, I choose to see it as an active imagination.
Note: Ignore previous question.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've seen someone else do?

It's too embarassing.

What was the shortest vacation you had?

The last one.

Which is better, your short-term or long-term memory?

I can't remember. Does that count as the long or the short?

What interesting fact have you learned recently?

The act of walking is, in essence, a controlled fall that we recover from with each step. Makes you feel better about that occasional stumble, doesn't it?

What is a bizarre experience you recall?

Riding in a cab in Jamaica. The driver hit a goat standing in the middle of the road. I watched as the goat flew ten feet in the air and rolled down the hill behind us in a flurry of dust. He never blinked an eye, didn't stop, and just kept on driving. He then proceeded to describe in detail some of his favorite curried goat dishes.
I sometimes think about that goat.

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