Monday, March 2, 2009

Since You Asked...

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Two years old. I was sitting in a bare playpen, strikingly devoid of toys, banging two pots together while my grandmother watched. I must have had some rhythm because she seemed to be smiling. Either that, or I memory-blocked the part where she runs out of the room holding her ears.
What do you remember about your first day of school?

John Sargilitolli would not stop crying...then he threw up on the teacher.

Since then I have had teachers where that might be called an appropriate response.

Who was your least favorite teacher?
My first grade teacher. She would hang the troublemakers in the coat closet.


What was the first birthday party you remember?
I think I was five. It snowed and the party got cancelled. Ever since then, I have been an advocate for the summer birthday party.

What childhood accident stands out in your mind?

Careening across 3 lanes of traffic on a Florida highway after my Father swerved to avoid an object on the road and lost control of the car. We were fine but no one said anything and he continued on driving as if nothing had happened.

He later stopped and bought us ice cream.

What was the one gift you wished for most as a child?

A bicycle. I was seven years old and I got one for Christmas. I proceeded to fall off the bike and break my leg.

Lesson taken... be careful what you wish for.

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