Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eagle Cam

If you have ever been lucky enough to spot a bald eagle soaring in the sky, you know it is a sight not soon forgotten. Bald eagles have made an amazing comeback in North America considering how close they were to extinction not that long ago. One of the great things is now being able to spot them in the wild east of the Mississippi.

Now, this is kind of cool. When researchers recently found a rare pair of bald eagles nesting at the large Duke Farms estate, they set up a camara to monitor the goings on. Well, after three eggs were discovered, just yesterday a second hatchling was born to the lucky eagle couple. You can watch the nest live on the web, undisturbed on an "eagle cam" set up above the nest. Mostly, it is just Mama eagle sitting there, but it gets a bit addictive as you stare, hoping to catch a glimpse of Papa eagle flying in with a fish for dinner.

You can view the happy family live here...

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