Sunday, April 26, 2009

Festival Shad-isfaction

Yes, it is summer in April...with temperatures hitting 90 degrees, if you couldn't make it to a beach (to look for a breeze, you would have to be brave to take a dip seeing that water temperatures are still in the 50's on the east coast) then it was a great weekend to check out the multiple local festivals.

This weekend kicks off the season of outdoor festivals with everything from colonial revolutionary history, to music, art, classic cars and more. Of course, my personal fav is the Shad Fest which takes place along the banks of the Delaware river in quaint Lambertville, NJ across the river from New Hope, PA. Where else can you find a town that creates a whole weekend festival around the celebration for a lowly river fish, the shad? Yes, it wouldn't be April if we hadn't also made time for the annual Shad festival, and as expected, everything went swimmingly.

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