Thursday, August 5, 2010


We are all empowered to change. I know people who are very good at creating things for others. They are the ones successful at producing under pressure in circumstance in which they have total control. They are proud of their success, proud of their control. This is very useful in business where productivity is key and creating something useful is rewarded. But how does that translate when applied to your individual story?

The same energetic, successful people who can take on the world in business often are the same ones who throw up their hands and claim no responsibility for the failures in other parts of their life. That same intensity and drive which makes them self-focused powerhouses at producing something for others, often becomes the blockage that constricts the other parts of their life. Whether it is money, health, or personal relationships their confidence to accomplish is compromised when they feel they have lost control. The fact is that you may not always have control over all the events of your life , but you always have control over your reaction. It happens when you refuse to be the author of your own story, when circumstance dictates the storyline you follow instead of the narrative which you alone invent.

How often do you accept the story which defines who you are? What we fail to see is that it is in the story of ourselves that all change is possible. Whether you like it or not you, the author of the novel that is your life is you. By accepting that you are the creator of the story means you have the ability to change the storyline. All endings can be rewritten, prologues dissected, and conclusions upended. We more willingly change the very thing when we have the courage to take responsibility. 

The ownership of the story gives you unlimited power to create what you want, or think you need, at any given moment. Sometimes the limitlessness of this power is scary, sometimes it makes you too responsible for the outcome because then you must take ownership of the results. Yes, it much easier to scapegoat and blame others when the consequences weren't intended and the results not to your liking.

But, if we experience what we create, and control how it is created, we can make the necessary changes. We can test the alternatives, tweak and revise the results and make them more to our liking. The qualities of storytelling are made in the edits. The polishing of the story lets you create events as you envisioned, even if the outcomes differ from what was intended. A ghostwriter for your life story? I think not.

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