Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sounds of ZZZZZZs

The rustle of leaves.
Tires rolling on a long gravel driveway.
The murmured rustle of people downstairs. T
he sizzle of frying. The first drops of rain before a storm.
Sudden silence.
The ohhhmmm of a buddhist chant.
Spring chirps and summer burps. The crunch of snow.
The car swoosh of backroads on a lazy Sunday drive.
Splashes in the pool. The pop of dry firewood burning.
The music of a choir. A soothing voice.
The crack of a baseball bat.
The rumble of incoming thunder.
The crescendo of cicadas. A strumming harp.
The fizzle of a firecracker before the pop. Horses breaking into a trot.
The popping sound of an open bottle.
A chanting crowd in the distance.
Children laughing.
A warm hello.

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