Sunday, June 7, 2009

Horsing Around

Perfect day for some horseback riding outdoors along the trails. This is definitely horse country, the large estates, bridle paths, fox hunts and polo matches on Sundays, and the sounds of barking hounds heard for miles. It is English style riding only, in these parts. It is not uncommon to see an ornate horse-drawn carriage rumbling along the gravel roads here alongside the slew of bikers who make the miles of country roads out this way part of their Sunday routine, and who can blame them?

Riding is good exercise, along with posting and some fairly decent runs, this is a pretty good workout I must say...the horse is definitely not doing all the work. There is something basic and old world climbing onto a horse, transportation as a shared enterprise with another living creature. From eastern Long Island, to the Colorado rockies, to the beaches of Australia I can say definitively that the world certainly looks different from the back of a horse. I can see why cowboys and ranchers aren't itching for a desk job.

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