Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Are All Right Before We Are Left

When someone feels powerful they are more apt to ignore new opinions.

This is seen in powerful figures, political leaders and business leaders who attain positions or status based on their decision making prowess. When you are rewarded in some way, either with money, power, success, or recognition it is quite easy to believe the choices you make are correct, your beliefs true, and your opinion right. The stronger we feel, the less likely we are to consider that another idea, opinion, or philosophy which contradicts are currently held belief is true. We create the thought that reinforces are perspective. This is how hardened beliefs and entrenched ideas take hold. When the powerful become convinced their opinion is the only source of truth or correctness, that is the real beginning of absolute rigidity of thought.

Often it doesn't matter if people agree on an idea, but simply that the idea is being discussed.

The notion that agreement must be reached before a new idea can take hold is a myth.

Consensus is not necessary for ideas to become accepted. The real danger is when freedom of thought is restricted. Ideas float from every thinking source. They are expressed and dissected as part of the our rights as free thinking humanity. Often it takes centuries, as some widely held beliefs today were at one time considered heretical. There should never be a limit on ideas or discussion of topic. The fact that something is discussed generates a freedom of thought which is the way unrivaled creativity is born. No one should be dissuaded by strong opinions, strong perspective creates the world.

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