Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dining Altar-native

Churches can have some of the more interesting architectural and historical features. Often the best materials are used to build them--- really, how would you explain shoddy materials and saving a buck when it comes to God? I mean, Jesus was a carpenter, for god's sake. So in that regard, I would rather see architecturally interesting churches preserved rather than have them razed to build another cookie cutter building.

Granted, I have seen my share of clubs and bars whose church renovations have caused a sacrilegious twinge on occasion, but there are ways of working within a former house of worship which respects the previous use, yet makes a space workable and artistically interesting.
Dining here near the Delaware this weekend, I would say this restaurant, once a former church, made good use of the space, yet preserved the flavor of the former--- with just a nod to the divine.

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