Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mindful Musings

What inspires? Where do ideas come from? Some would claim a muse as their source of creativity.

Not everyone has a muse, those mythological or living spirits that spur thought, inspire invention, and spark creation. Yet, ideas must be born somewhere, however, we have yet to understand where exactly that somewhere is. Whether from the ego, the brain, the unconscious, or tapped somehow from universal mind, it appears that someone has yet to reverse engineer the original idea.

Some even question if new ideas ever truly exists in the universe or if we simply re-discover ideas born from original creation. Meaning, everything that existed, is existing, or ever will exist was born in the explosion of first creation. From there, we merely re-discover and apply those original ideas in the present for our own use. You can ponder this notion of where ideas come from, but it isn't a requirement to, let's say, enjoy an original work of art, a flower, or even a sunset.

Unlike understanding how an aircraft can fly, some original ideas sparked of inspiration can be enjoyed without ever knowing where, or if, they previously existed. We can be thankful Edison was inspired to use electricity for illumination or inventing equipment for recording sound and movies, but we don't need to know where those ideas originated. But it is good to consider how they come to existence.

We rely on inspiration for much more in life that we rarely, if ever, question how ideas move to the human mind. How is it we can start speaking a sentence, inspired only by the notion that we will somehow finish speaking it logically, communicating our thoughts, when we don't even know as we speak, how it will end? So many things are born of us and through us, that we take for granted that there is an endless creative supply of ideas and inspiration that will keep us engaged for an entire lifetime. Is it God, or some collaboration?

While life-altering, society-changing ideas come to individuals, even sometimes on a grand scale. Yet, it is the simple, mundane ideas which help us solve life's problems, engage the individual, placate a boss, or entertain a friend whose wisps of inspiration are what get each of us through the day. Yet, we rarely question how this is done. Should we be bold enough to think ourselves so great that we take inspiration for granted? Should we delve further into how the mind taps creativity, albeit even the lowly kind, that helps us figure out how to retrieve the ring down the faucet can also be the same creativity that inspires a Mozart to write a sheet of music? Either way, the next time you are inspired to do something, solve a problem, or create something which has never existed before, you may want to think about how that idea popped into your head. It may be amusing, or simply a muse, those mythical greek creatures which divert our attention pleasantly, while our inspiration is free to be born.

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