Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I am finally getting around to putting up more family ancestry information, so  posting a little preview here.

This branch traces the Rinaldi's who originate from Craco, in Basilicata, Italy, a region also referred to locally as 'Lucania",back about eight generations --- approximately the late 1600's and early 1700's.

According to transatlantic ship manifests, Nicola Rinaldi made three voyages to America from his small, remote Italian village in the late 1800's (quite a feat in those days, where even one trip would have been considered a trip of a lifetime). Two of those voyages would be with his sons, the first with the elder Vincenzo, a son from his first wife, and the other with son's Franco and Matteo, all of whom would remain in America.

Old church records are the best resource, as
I should thank a few historical Popes and Napoleon for requiring that the Catholic church document and record birth, death, and marriage records for its citizens. Without such records, tracing relative history would be even more difficult, if not impossible. It also helps that families didn't move around that much back then, staying put in family villages for centuries. As it stands, Italy has some of the most comprehensive and complete records in western Europe.

See movies from family villages in Italy:

Old World, New World - Craco, in Basilicata, Italy
Generations - Airola, Campania, Italy
Santa Sophia d'Epiro - Italy
Sorrento, Italy- Coming Soon

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