Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finding the Flow

There are few things more difficult than trying to control what cannot be controlled. It is like trying to stop the rain. Why bother? Fighting the flow in whatever form it takes is wasted energy. If you are on a raft floating down river it is much easier to go with the current. Follow it and see where life takes you.

Nothing you want is upstream.

The instant you begin to paddle against the flow you meet resistance. Resistance is where the disappointment is, the difficulty is, and the desire to control is. Better to deal with what is ahead then to try and fight what is happening right now. If the stream moves you forward, as it inevitably will, go with it to the new place and find what it has to offer. There is so much we think we can control and the reality is that really there is very little we hold sway over. It is amusing to see adults who still want to believe they can even control peoples' thoughts. Control is a form of safety that is a painful illusion we think we need to survive.

Trust is a hard place to land but makes a great pillow in which to rest.

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