Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Place Matte

Wanderers experiment with place. Like painters with color or chefs with menus. Try sampling different flavors at a buffet or mixing up new ingredients to try out in the kitchen, this is what the wanderer experiences.

You take the known with the unknown and create something new. A new environment to the traveler is like an Asian grocery store...a mix of the familiar with the least for those accustomed to the regular, local supermarket. Wanderers are the social scientists who explore how place influences custom, culture, and interaction. They are the anthropologists without the academic need to assess why things work or don't work. They are there for the experience.
They revel in how emotion colors a new landscape. Play off the interactions and watch how things evolve to new heights. They want to see how architecture, both the old and new trigger a new perspective. How can buildings shape people? Ask the Romans and Egyptians, they can tell you. See a vista in an unfamiliar way or listen for a different rhythm of life. The wanderer knows the pleasure.

Painters are aware of the elements of place... their job is to interpret what they see and paint it onto canvas. Paintings often express place better than a does this as well. A new beat picks up the pace of how a place moves in synchronicity, the pulse of life. You can always sense the rhythm of a new place. When you travel you see how light bends differently in other locations. The lens that filters your perspective colors every experience and molds a viewpoint.

You wander to a new place and compare perspectives. What looks changed under a different circumstance or a sudden clash of the exotic is how you use environment to re-think life. Animals travel as they forage, but not just for food, it is how they learn to cope and adapt to whatever the world has to bring.
It is like wanting a new dimension, or a change of being. It is a fresh outlook but in the world you can navigate, a new vision to ponder only this time, slightly altered from the world you know. This is what the wanderer knows.

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