Monday, August 3, 2009

Wacky Web

Want to know how to change oil on a Forklift? Stop a dog from digging? Build an airhorn? Learn to throw up as comfortably as possible? Make Kombucha tea?
These are just some of the offbeat things you can learn how to do on Another one of the ever growing niche websites that I find myself returning to learn to do things when you I can't think who I could possibly ask. Who knew there were ten ways to rid your home of fruit flies?

Want to hurl Shakespearean insults?
Then head over to
TheShakespearean Here is one to slip into your next argument with customer service..."Thou droning dizzy-eyed flax-wench!"

Want to see what CNN's homepage looked like in 1997?
Then you must go to to see archived webpages through the years.

Translate something into one of 100 different languages?
Then is the place to do it. Just some of the hundreds of weird, wacky, arcane, but sometimes useful things you can find these days. Happy hunting!

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