Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dressed to the Nines

The date... 09.09.09.

I am not sure if that means there will be some dramatic turn of events in the world, new energy to the planet, or if 2012 futurists see any significance to the date, but it is interesting to note that this day won't occur again for another hundred years.

Numerologists will find some significance, I am sure. There are nine Muses in Greek mythology, there are those nine choirs of angels in heaven, nine US Supreme Court justices, and of course, cats have the proverbial nine lives. In any event, I might use today to contemplate the synchronicity of the number of nines that come up and see if I notice anything different. Should some act of God happen some where in the world, it will be blamed on 09.09.09. If they find a cure for cancer today, we will all cheer the number significance. Maybe I'll play nine holes of golf or see if anyone asks me for my nine-digit social security number. Today I will be thinking of nines, however I won't be playing those numbers in the lottery because, well, that one is just too obvious.

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