Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jolly Bang

I had a meeting with a group of Brits recently and I had forgotten what great storytellers they could be. As they said, their story making skills are honed early on in life while amusing themselves lifting pints at the local pubs...marks well earned and much enjoyed, I suspect.

This reminded me of the older ex-patriot British couple I had met while in Kenya who had kept us all amused with fantastic stories of their dangerous exploits during the various wars as we were visiting them at their home in the Ngong hills. It was still being run as a large tea plantation from back in the occupied British colonial days. Back then, they amused it was still considered wild country with frequent visits of leopard and the occasional rogue lion pride, as they recounted. The biggest problem that day were the infrequent raids by packs of colubus monkeys raiding their feed supplies.

As you can see, driving up to their house and garden looked like it could have been plucked right out of the English countryside and plopped down onto those fantastic green African hills. A great visit, a taste of what I might imagine British colonial days could have been like, stopping for a visit, a pint, or a spot of tea after a big game hunt. Nice couple, good hosts, and a jolly good time...and the crumpets weren't half bad, either.

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