Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Made in America Weekend

Great time of the year to go off exploring --- the beginning of fall being one of the best. We headed off to enjoy the day with lots of interesting places to discover. The towns out in the country and up in the hills along the river --- the old buildings, the antique cars out on the road for a spin, the farm stands filled with the late summer corn and produce, the scenic views, the specialty shops, the broad to the esoteric with something for just about everyone with courtyards and covered alleyways inviting you in to see what was around the corner.

It is a nice alternative to the everyday mainstream retail run. And we even had fun along the way, stopping and clicking quick shots when something looked interesting. At a time where mass production and "Made in China" is about all you find in your basic chain stores these days it is nice to find places where they still have craftsmen and artists who make a living, have a place to create, organize, and sell their products. Regular towns with merchants who know who you are and will stop to talk and tell you stories about their individual products and passions, show you things you may have overlooked, or point you in the direction for those unique, hard-to-find items. I particularly liked some of the outside metalworks, the woodworking, handmade furniture, and old world materials I saw that were still being used. Glad to see there were lots of other people out enjoying the same thing besides us.

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