Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Year Ago - The Worlds Unspoken

We leave worlds unspoken.

They exist as the billion points-of-light which comprise our self-contained universe of thought. Like the stars in a night sky, these internal worlds of emotion swirl like planets around in the orbit of our minds. They are the constellations of our emotions. They are infinite, existing pre-eternally until summoned to the surface and expressed by word or action.

Yet, even then, they belie their true reality. Ethereal are the emotions, but with the power to create, build, nurture, as well as damage. They swell, they burst forth; they tumble out like waves into a sea touching those they come in contact. They exist on their own, yet have the ability to launch a the universe.

They are energy of both creator and the created.

They influence and compel. Formed from nothing they can be contained but never destroyed. They are the building blocks of worlds yet, without action, they remain unchanged and unspoken. They are the galaxies swirling in our heads and like the moon they affect our moods, our life, our hopes, dreams, our thoughts and realities. Simple as an atom but as complex as anything in the known universe. What happens to each one as it lives in the minds of the billions of creatures of thought?

We understand that even if they are not voiced, that does not mean they don't occupy space. They are as tangible as the things that they create. They exist as real as the planets we know that populate the heavens. They are the world of our minds, the ones we create and nurture and which feed the soul. The ones sparking new ideas, the builder of dreams, the creator of places for our minds to explore. They are the universe of thought from where we compare your reality and the reality of others. It is what forms our beliefs and challenges our thoughts. It creates our perception and influences our lives. It is everything contained, everything expressed, everything wished, and everything loved.

These are the worlds unspoken.

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