Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All There in Black and White

Whether it is a killer whale, a penguin, or an African zebra, when nature decides to paint a creature in the stark contrast of black and should know that mother nature is looking to make a dramatic statement.

And the fact that these particularly dramatically contrasted colored creatures exist in those parts of the world most threatened by climate change and encroachment shouldn't be lost on all of us. It is as if the planet was saying the obvious, "Hey, the answer is simple, it is black and white. I even gave you the painted animals here to show you!"
In dire terms, there is no gray area when it comes to saving those areas of the planet most in need. Species of all types, whether in ecologically sensitive areas or not, represent the black and white, either/or scenario of decisions required to save all of them from extinction.

I thought of this again, not long ago when I was doing the layout for my photography book...Another reminder of what the world has to lose. The question being can we see it before it's too late? It's all there for anyone to see, black and white

World Wildlife Fund

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