Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He Shed, She Shed

In these tight economic times, one must consider the ever potential possibility of downsizing one's living space. With foreclosures, close-outs, close-ins, moving back with parents, or taking to the road in a RV, compact living space seems to becoming more affordable then ever. Sometimes, you just need quick housing...fast.

While card board boxes and shopping carts are the staple of the homeless and downtrodden, I offer for your consideration...the Livable Shed. Small but practical, I see potential for the those not taken by bouts of claustrophobic calamity. Designed to sit comfortably in your backyard where previously lawnmowers, rakes, and broken bicycles found homes, this may become the popular choice for the new economy. Maybe a his and hers?

While maybe not the best option for storing-- excuse me, I mean, housing Grandma--certainly, it provides a viable alternative for returning college students, over staying house guests, or a handy "getaway" when sleeping on the couch was the only alternative to marital strife. The way things are going these may be this year's cape cods for the new economy. The way I see it, everyone needs options.

Shed subdivisions anyone?

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