Monday, November 16, 2009

Revisit - The Spark

Celebrate the spark of you. Strike the match of difference. What you bring is your energy and force of life. What you do with it is your contribution to the world. One small mark in a sea of humanity that ripples to change the world. The unique light, distinct from the other matches in the box. It is cause to celebrate, your spark, your unique take on the what you see around you. Your effect makes a difference.

There can be no peace or settlement in the world without humility. Without the ability to ignite a light and shine bright into the darkness. Remember how the world got to be in the state it is. Contempt propagates darkness. It is not ignoble to be humble, to see how a small amount of appreciation in the form of kindness and civility goes further than the need to be right. That is the illumination you bring. What is more self-defeating than to fail to see the world through the eyes of another? How much better we would be to put ourselves in the place of someone else and empathize with their struggle. There is no greatness in certainty when it devalues the rights of an individual. That is the brilliance of your difference.

It is frightening to think that to honor individualism, you refuse to accept and celebrate your individuality in the world. It isn’t by following the rules of another, but by embracing the inner being of your resonance with the world. It is what brought us the great inventions of Edison, the scientific discoveries of DaVinci, the art of Picasso, and the music of Mozart. We sing our own tunes, express our own thoughts, live our own lives in the manner that emanates from the soul. Who denies their own being? Who knows the workings of the Soul? How can anyone claim to understand the rules of God, yet claim to somehow know what is right or wrong for someone else. It is what animates each of us into the mosaic of society, not by what we share alone but by the expression of our selves. Who has the right, the rule, the ability, the judgment to claim to know the mind of God?

To deny the beauty of the individual is to deny yourself. See the world through the eyes of another and get a glimpse as to how God sees you. If God saw the world just one way, believed just one thing, expressed just one idea, or needed people to follow just one set of ideas, he would have created just one person, a reflection, but not a clone. But he did not and hence you were born. So celebrate that spark and shine it bright for the world to see.

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