Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shore to End

The boardwalk along the shore is quiet this time of year. Even on a sunny day, there is the feeling that something has passed and quieted itself, resigned to transition. Activity and sound comes from the passing gull and crashing surf alone. Anticipation is channeled from nature as the hum of human kinetic energy no longer powers those who stroll along its wooden planks. Looking out from the pier, the natural view remains the same with only the colors that dot the granulated shore out of place, for now.

Peaceful and melancholic you can conjure what you wish. The sense of something missing is mixed with the relief that you can walk with your thoughts undisturbed. Signs call you to boarded stands and steel rides are stilled and frozen in place. Lights, noise, and sounds no longer distracting, they fade into the background as nature takes its rightful place. The boardwalk becomes the platform and the shoreline the performance. Ocean purists relish this time of year, the end of a season, the peacefulness and slower pace, the return to quiet, and the new normal.

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