Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Much Fun

Although by March, most will have had enough...the first snow of the season has that magical quality to it. The white covers the barren, brown, and colorless vista. It is like nature throws bleach on the landscape, scrubbing the ground making the world all clean and bright.

It is easier to get in the Christmas spirit. The holiday lights and wreaths which looked begging a few days ago, no longer seem out of place against the white backdrop. You feel that fall has moved on and a new season begun. It is passage and time, change and renewal dusted over the ground like confetti. Nature has shaken the snow globe and here we are once again.

I like to ski or take out a snowboard, so winter offers another opportunity to experience the outdoors. It does change your perspective on winter, I must say. If you don't have to drive anywhere, being in a house in Vermont or somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with big glass windows looking out over the mountains with a fireplace is not a bad place to I'll see you there soon.

Winter Walls

Winter walls, reflecting back,
A winsome white of snow.
Lent colored shapes,
Drawn haunted scapes,
A canvas blank to show.

Light passes through,
Where flamed trees grew,
Burnt colors in their midst.
As sunset fell,
A shadow tells,
Of a moonlit, earthly kissed.

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