Saturday, July 31, 2010

Views from the Summer Porch

When you take in the view from a different perspective, not so shockingly, you see something new.

There is freedom in being inconsistent. Patterns are self-limiting. The boundaries around what and how you do something become the walls of limitation. Routines are comfortable because they establish a pattern that feels familiar. We like the security of familiar because it makes us feel protected. The familiar let's us know what is coming. But that structure which grounds us can become the boundaries which defeat us. Sometimes it is good to surprise yourself and move beyond the self-limiting comfort zone that acts like a cocoon, safely insulating you from the surprise of the unexpected.

New resolutions, everyone dreads them because very few of us keep them. Beyond the usual goal setting or figuring out how the next year will be different, You realize there is something simple you can do. Something simple everyone can attempt that doesn't have to involve changing patterns that even an earthquake couldn't shake loose. So you may find it useful to do just one thing different everyday. Notice I didn't say do something different everyday, though you could do that too, but we can all be something less stressed, less more grateful, or be more compassionate. This is an easy goal and involves simply my thoughts. It doesn't take much to be something different other then changing my perspective or attitude. Even if it is just looking at something you have never looked at, or thought about before, who knows how you can surprise myself.

Whole worlds change from a change of thought. The funny thing is that being something different everyday can tell you more about yourself then being the same thing. And beyond the comfort of the tried and true, isn't that the goal of a New Year anyway?

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