Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fear is of the Unknown

Fear is of the unknown. It is what separates what we choose to face from what we look to shield. The shield is the barrier that we separate the known from the unknown. When we deal with things from the known, we use experience as a tool. It provides the clarity we seek when overcoming whatever obstacles trigger the fear. Tools are effective against what we know, but are rendered useless when dealing with the unknown. These shields that we create become the boundaries that define the fear.

It is what we use to keep them alive, festering like an open wound, refusing to heal. In reality, they reflect your beliefs...the walls that you create around these fears are the beliefs that keep things festering. Once the fears become known, the unknown circumstances around what creates them disappear. Healing occurs only after we choose to face the unknown aspects around them. It is like personal terrorism against ourselves. We use the threat of fear, the unknown of when, and who, or what will attack to keep the fear alive and, in turn, prevent the personal healing. When we understand the threat and face the unknown, the tools to deal with them become clear, clarity surfaces, and the threat disappears.

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