Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life's Tool Box

Experience is simply the tool for you to decide what and who you are.

What meaning we give to anything in our lives is ours alone to determine. How we value an experience, evaluate an action in our lives is a creative act. Like painting a picture or writing a song, what meaning we give to something is as equally important as the thing itself. What is hard to appreciate when judging the experiences in our lives is that most of what happens to us is in our minds. Opinions and judgments are mental concepts. Lives are controlled by what ticks in our heads. Much of our lives are driven by mental concepts whose meaning are determined by us or influenced by the opinions of others.

But we have to know that what we take from any experience will change over time. How we use it and weave its meaning into our personal experience is as creative as writing a story from whole cloth. Nothing is determined by how it is perceived but why it is valued. And remember that value is a fluid thing, meaning changes and becomes layered over time. Everything we do or say is processed at an abstract level and somehow incorporated into this experience we call life. The beauty in this is that the thing we disregard one day may become tomorrow's treasure. The thing we hate becomes the thing we love because we give it a new meaning. The great thing about this is that we have the ability to change what we think about anything. Something becomes meaningful when we decide to value it for what it gives us now instead of what it did to us then. And what can be more creative than that?

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