Friday, February 26, 2010


I was with some friends the other day where everyone was either extolling the virtues or complaining about the reception on their cell phones. With sudden magic, we now have access to just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. We can text, email, surf the web, google, twitter, film or photograph just about anywhere, at any moment with a cell phone...a phone...once tied to cord or sheltered by a phone booth, the telephone, a modern marvel has become common place. Yet, I wonder if most of us cell phone, mobile users have ever taken a moment to contemplate this interesting statistic....That is, over 50 percent of the people on the entire planet...yes, more that half the people in the entire world have NEVER received or made a telephone call in their life time. And they don't mean a cell or mobile phone, but just a regular old, Alexander Bell, land-line telephone call ... EVER. I guess that is something to think about the next time I want to complain about static or a dropped call. Hard to imagine, but true. Tends to put things in perspective.

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