Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mood-ing to the City

Like people, The City has moods. It can be in a good mood, or a bad mood, a somber, reflective, tense, light-hearted, or dark mood. You never know which one it will be until you get out into the street and start walking and begin absorbing what ever the 'mood du jour' may be at the moment. Sometimes its the weather, other times its the light or the noise or just the general vibe which switches it over in an instant. You could be in a good mood leaving your door and two blocks later your attitude turns sour and you wonder 'what changed'? Alternatively, I've had days where a low spirit instantly lifts with a city energy that can't be replaced by anything else other than what the city has to offer that day.

I liked this night, just after sunset and a light rain set a reflective tone. It was a bit quieter and in a short state of transition. People were subdued, the pace slightly slowed as if the rain and cooler weather turned the volume down just a touch. Stopping for a drink, we sensed a mellower tone as if the bar and cafe staff welcomed the brief respite the transition offered before the frenetic pace of the evening crowd descended. We could sit and watch the people pass, their shadows reflected in the mirrored glass from the damp streets. The mood was palpable as if someone changed the music and lighting. Maybe it was the swoosh from the rain puddles as the taxis passed or the muffled sound the dampness brought.

Either way, we settled in to take in the feeling of transition for however long it would last. We knew it wouldn't be long before the atmosphere cleared and the vibe changes. Like a temperamental child, the mood of the city never lasts more than a few instants ,so you savor each while you can. Then you walk and turn the block and wait for the mood to change as it always does. That's just how it is in the city.

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