Sunday, March 7, 2010

Conditioning Themes

Today the Sun and Earth are in the Hexagram Gates 63 and 64 of the I Ching. It happens to be one of those days where you can miss what's right in front of you if you are too busy fretting in your mind thinking about the future with worries of what may be. Putting nostalgia in the air, you may notice today you are thinking a lot about the past. There will be a tendency to contemplate how things were back when, the joys and sorrows, or pondering what should have been and can be enjoyed in retrospective. There is a mix of mulling about the good times had, and a savoring the joys of the past. Here nostalgia can be bittersweet.

Now, by using good sense you can avoid turning a previous struggle into an obsession, by being able to apply logic and leave all of those old doubts behind. There can be confusion and diversity thinking those thoughts on a day like today, easy to lose perspective if you are not careful. Today, your thoughts and emotions act like waves, carried by universal themes of joy, hope, and sorrow.

Focus brings an energy where potential can be fulfilled through applying detailed attention to all possibilities. Here, detail requires a stillness and focus which will bring you back to your natural rhythm and balance. Just remember, like the tides, your feelings move in patterns, opening new perspectives, thoughts, and emotions as they go up and down completing the cycles of life. Today, enjoy the motion, enjoy the wave.

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