Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early Morning

If the day is warm and you start feeling those twinges of summer in the air --- head to the beach for a taste of what's to come.  Things are still quiet, no crowds, the sand has a few stalwarts soaking up the sun and there is a relaxed, casual feel among the runners and dog walkers taking in the open space and calm before the summer crowds descend.  

Ocean Grove has architecture and a main street with ice cream parlors which feels like a step back in time. The town was established around the turn of the century as a Christian summer camp for rest and relaxation. The seasonal tent bungalows where people come to spend their summers are a novelty you won't find somewhere else. Neither likely will you find any rowdy cast members from a any reality shows staggering along the boardwalk here. Local ordinances keep the town dry--no alcohol sold here-and the place remains about as buttoned up as a visit to Grandma's on Sunday. However, not a bad place to wake up to some early season atmosphere and salt air.