Tuesday, April 20, 2010

License to Wait

I compare going to the DMV right up there with sitting in the dentist's chair --- you know it needs to be done but you do everything possible to avoid it.

Anyway, it is not quite the horror show it used to be when people walked in to a state motor vehicle office looking dazed and confused trying to figure out which one of the ten loooong lines they should wait on only to find out they wasted 30 minutes standing in the wrong line. The places were such a disaster the state eventually farmed them out to private companies to run.  Well, the lines are still there and no one will ever mistake them for a Sir Speedy, but at least now they have people at the door helping you out and answering questions.  I decided to kill some time while waiting and photograph the great lighting...maybe they should think about putting up some better signs besides the mass of photocopied instructions they tack to the walls that nobody reads...

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