Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breathing In

The Tibetan Bhuddhist tradition has a meditation practice called the Tong-len.  It asks you to use your breath as a tool, one to breathe in the suffering of the world, to hold it in compassion, and to breathe it back out to the world as simple light.

Every day we take in the conditions of our world--the good or bad, and often we hold on to the negative, neglecting to remind ourselves that those conditions are not ours to retain.  Like the breath, our bodies were made to take in what we need from our environment and to release what we don't.  Yet, we take conditions in as our own and forget to release them back into the world.  Holding on to things which pollute the positive balance which is our normal state. Or, if we do, we amplify those negative emotions, let them churn and fester until they are released back into the muck for someone else to process and repeat the cycle.  If we can simply allow the things we pick up from the world, the negative conditions that we hold onto, out of fear or insecurity, and let them move through us, they become cleansed and released like the Bhuddist Tong-len, and breathed back into the world as positive light. 

Realize that the ways of others will eventually fill all the spaces we live in if we don’t find a way to release and filter what we take in from the world with our own authentic presence. It is the only barrier we have against the negative conditioning from the world around us.  If you don’t like your emotional reaction, identify and clean up the lies that cause it.  Suffering is true, but the reason why we suffer may not be true at all.
All thoughts are harmless, until you believe them.

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