Monday, September 26, 2011


 There is no pace that is expected, no time line dictated from the past, which regulates our inner understanding of what we need to know. What we need to understand has an existential timelessness uniquely grasped.  Inner learning comes when it is needed.  

There is no age limit on knowledge or a number stipulated on how many times we need to learn which lesson. The scraped knee has no limits, you fall down as many times as needed. The broken heart, no full capacity. The stumble happens on the path until we learn where the bump in the road exists, duly aware we then step around it. The infant doesn't stop at the crawl but climbs expectantly to the step.  

We misunderstand the lessons presented as many times as is required.  That is life. That is truth. Acceptance of the day's new reality is the game starting over again. 
Repetition does not mean failure, just ask the waves.

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