Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Awaits

Often the only way to know what awaits is to live it.

As with Shakespeare's Hamlet, you can over think and overwrought you life away. We debate the correct decision then revisit the past regrets as if in some self-reflected nightmare of our own making. Replay is best left to music.
Often we find ourselves in a stalled inertia of wondering the correct next step. For some, the clarity comes once the emotions have been processed. To the intuitive, the knowing happens in the now.  There is only so much that can be understood before action is required.  You cannot grasp each possibility or predict every outcome.  If you try to comprehend the air before breathing it, you will die.  

Things can only be considered for so long before opinions weigh you down.  One morning the teaching Priest ushered his students out of the monastery away from their contemplations and prayers back into life with the admonition, "The day is to be experienced, not understood."   When you make decisions as your true self, there is no right or wrong – there is only 'correct'.  Strive to be whole, not perfect. Complete, but not completed.

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