Friday, October 21, 2011

Moving Mountains

Have you noticed that we are each a mountain for someone else to climb?  We don’t think of obstacles as something that moves…or breathes, for that matter.  We think of blocks as stagnant, impenetrable objects obstructing the way we wish to go.   Every time we are questioned or relied on by another, there comes with it a map of expectation on how we should respond.  Respond incorrect, or unexpectedly, and you become the obstruction in the road. 

We can block or be blocked, often looking for the mountain pass around each other’s expectations.  In life, whether you are the mountain or the mountain climber---scaling potentials or blocking possibilities -- beliefs can be as impassable as the washed out mountain road. The reality is that most live behind walls that were started by others.  We finish them off with the stones of our own disillusions.  It isn’t that climbing hills and constructing walls are bad things—both are needed in a varied landscape.  But seeing that it is easier to build a bridge then move the mountain.

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