Monday, September 21, 2015

Nimble Neutrinos

What are neutrinos?  Only, one of the most important building blocks for the blueprint of nature. 

Possibly programming the universe and quantum matter.  They are being looked at some of the most bizarre, and fascinating pieces of the universal puzzle. Originally, thought to have no mass, it wasn't until the 1990's that scientists discovered the contained a small, small amount of mass...possibly the cause of all matter in the universe.

Neutrinos are tiny, almost massless particles that travel at near light speeds. They are created from the violent astrophysical events like exploding stars and gamma ray bursts, they are abundant in the universe, and can move as easily through lead as we move through air. But they are notoriously difficult to pin down. 

"Neutrinos are really pretty strange particles when you get down to it," says John Conway, a professor of physics at University of California, Davis. "They're almost nothing at all, because they have almost no mass and no electric charge...They're just little whisps of almost nothing." Ghost particles, they're often called.
But they are one of the universe's essential ingredients, and they've played a role in helping scientists understand some of the most fundamental questions in physics. 

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