Friday, January 22, 2016

Find Your Flow - Happy Solar New Year

Go with the flow resonates because water is a great teacher. As often happens with characteristics of nature, it is symbolic of the natural course of life. It sustains living organisms who are made up mostly of the stuff as well as providing an living environment for many living things. The sheer volume of water on the earth controls everything from climate to earth conditions. It ebbs and flows, changes form, joins with larger bodies, fills empty holes, forms currents, overflows banks, remains stagnant... the symbols are endless.

To imitate water is to find your flow, moving consistently onward downstream. It has the grace to move effortlessly around obstacles or find ways to patiently erode them over time. Energy is built from the trickles started in small brooks to the power of great rivers. At times it stops to nourish those things along the banks of the places it passes, sometimes it buoys the boats of others as they journey to their own destinations. It cleanses as it passes, while sometimes it carrys with it the garbage others have tossed into it. It seeds new life, creates new environments, disrupts worlds, covers and renews in a multitude of ways. As water connects us all, so does the contamination of its flow into the larger body. Our oceans become polluted by the smaller bodies which feed it as we can not help but be influenced by those things that flow to us. No longer existing separate from our own natural flow, a lesson to the force and impact of the natural life. It teaches the lessons of life. Simple, profound, true. See the ocean. Watch the tide. Repetition isn't failure. Ask the waves.

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